Monday, 10 October 2011

cold and spice less

28th of October 2011 is when I moved to England. A place called Durham in North East of England will be home for the coming years.

It was bright and sunny when I got here giving a sense of relief and pleasure. But soon the English weather came to its real characters. We are now being greeted by rain and chilled winds everyday. I remember now, a wise man (or woman may be, don't remember) told me that the first thing to buy in Durham is an umbrella. Well, it wasn't the first thing that I bought but yes now I have a disappointingly small umbrella which barely covers both of my shoulders. Nevertheless, protection is necessary however small or big it may be. So, yes after shelling out 10 pounds of my (father's) hard earned money I now cruise proudly in the rain. Heartbreak: Can't sing 'pyar hua ikrar hua' under it although it would be best for 'aaj rapat jaayen to humain na uthaiyo'.

Moving on. As I said after a couple of days it has been all cold and windy. But it I mention that to add insult to my injury, life for me has turned spice less for me. Most of my friends are aware of my amazing cooking skills. I think I will won't be exaggerating if I say I don't even know how to make tea (without teabags that is, Indian style). So, yes I loaded my bags at home with plenty of spices but right now they are just sitting (or rather sleeping) in my cupboard waiting for their turn. I doubt if that ever is going to come. So eggs and salami it is for me. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I fear that I myself may turn into an egg (eggophobia).

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