Saturday, 15 October 2011

keeping on the toes


I suddenly woke up cursing my alarm clock for going mad. Next moment I realised, its the bloody fire alarm. I ran out of my room and started banging on other's doors. Well of course the alarm was enough to wake everyone up but just to add my nuisance (love doing that) to it, I banged on on everyone's door. So much so that I did not even leave anonymous (you may remember her from my last post, that is if you read it). Thought for 5 brief moments before banging her door but ultimately voted in favour.

And so spread the panic and everyone started running out in whatever state they were. Thankfully everyone (in our flat) was in a decent state (and in their respective rooms). Seeing Jenny, I realised that I must get my jacket and wasted another 5 panic moments on that.

All this time in the background there was a constant, non stop, giiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrr

And all this time I kept banging Kelley's door but no answer (later found out that Chinese are fire proof). Well, so we all, minus Kelley ran out of the flat and out of the building to the designated assembly point (on the way I even banged on Kelley's window). So, there we were, 6:55 am, out in the cold. Some with warm cloths, some without. Some even without foot wares (Julia was among them), trying to save their feet from freezing.

5 min later, it was announced that we could now go back to our rooms. Thankfully, I had no classes to attend and hence could resume my sleeping. Finally got up at 10:30 am. Damn you fire alarm.

As a background to all this, its my moral duty to inform you all that this was not a real fire situation and just a 'bloody drill'. Now, you must think that I was banging the doors of my flatmates to save them from fire. Well, not so my friends, not so. We knew that there was going to be a drill and I had the realisation all along that this giiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr was part of the drill. Why the banging then? Well, I was trying to save myself. You see, it was announced earlier that if all the residents don't come out within 3 min of the fire alarm, the exercise would be repeated. And I was not at all up to going through this again. So, in order to save my self from another round of mock drill (it was my moral duty) at I don't know what time of the day/night, I had to make sure that everyone from my flat was out.

Sadly could not manage to get Kelley out (I am sure he was dreaming of Chinese invasion of India). But thankfully, others didn't find this out (of Kelley being in his room, not the dream) and we were saved the pain of another drill.

However, having said all that this was my first experience of fire drill and now I understand the process. Good for me. The giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr shall always keep me on my toes (hope they don't start paining).

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