Wednesday, 19 October 2011

love letter

Sun is not only a god in India, but also a nuisance. It is not only sunny for most of the year but also very hot. So, for an Indian arriving in Europe for the first time, it was strange to see people flocking public places on a sunny afternoon.

But having now stayed here for about two weeks, I have come to realise the reason behind it. It is cold, windy, rainy and sometimes sunny here. So, of course there is a high demand for the finite resource called sunlight.

Thanks to Durham, I can now appreciate the Sun and its power. It surely is a God and the ultimate source of energy.

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I miss the warmth you gave me, for all I have around me here is darkness and chill. I couldn't value you when you were near me, just as I didn't value the Sun. Now that, you are not around and neither is the warmth of the Sun, I know what I am missing.

There are days when the Sun comes out. My body gets warm but my soul is still cold for I don't have you, the source of my energy with me.

Durham has made me realise the value of both the Sun and you for now I feel, I need both of you, more and more.


This is part of a school exercise on writing styles. The target was to write the same content in different styles viz. descriptive, travelog, drama, conversation & love letter. The paras presented above are from two of the writing styles, namely descriptive and the love letter, respectively. I will be posting the other writing styles in future posts.

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