Sunday, 7 July 2013

Celebrating Brass: Durham Brass Festival

putting brass at the centre stage
So, I went to the town today. Its funny how we call the market town. Agreed that Durham is a big village but I don't think we need to make ourselves feel better by calling our modest market, 'the town'. But today 'the town' was really a town, buzzing with crowds of excited people. The sun was out. In fact, it was HOT (trust it when a Indian tells you). And it is a well established fact that when the sun is out, the English are out. To add to the 'glorious weather', it was a saturday and the cherry on the cake, Durham Brass Festival was on (in fact it will be on for the next 20 days or so). 

So, like everyone else I basked in the sun and the music. Actually, I did more than just basking. I sweated it out, taking some photographs. Since, it is the brass festival, I tried to focus exclusively on the brass. Although, several bands were playing at different locations, I could catch only three, The Kimbanguist Brass Band, the Oomph Brass and the Dead Victorians. They all had their distinct styles. The first two only played music but the Victorians also sang and told tales. 

Saturday is also the day for Durham outdoor market. There was sun, music, food and beautiful people. Perfect day for some photography. So, here we go.

a lovely girl and her flower tiara 
the professionals and the amateurs

The Kimbanguist Brass Band (Near Gala Theatre)
They played non stop for 30 minutes, from when I arrived at the spot.

the men in green

the formation

the man and the machine

the Malcom X look

Oomph Brass (Market square)
They are special because they had an artist from Durham University too.

the audience gallery 

the performers and the audience 

the troupe

Dead Victorians (Market square)
Since they were Victorians (and that too dead), I have tried to give them 'the look'. Although, they themselves were very much in the look.

elementary, my dead Watson

old brass, new world

comparatively newer brass

haven't seen that one before

don't remember the name but it had too many 'bones'

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