Monday, 29 August 2016

that wonderful sorcery

Have you seen nature?


Neither have I.

Its all around us but its impossible to see. We just can't see it. We can see parts of it.

Part, part here and a part, part there.

And all these parts are so fascinating, exciting, interesting. Pure sorcery.

Why sorcery? Because we can understand them, but never completely. They all come together and we know how, but never fully. The pieces of puzzle fit and we know how, but never smoothly.

Exhibit 1

The amazing light show created by a combination of lake, trees, sun and wind. The colours, green, yellow, brown, grey, blue. They all align in such a way that you could stare for hours. I personally would like to strap myself to one of the tree branches and have the amazing light show

A perfect place to spend an evening reading a book or just catching on some sleep.

Louis says it much better than I ever would.

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