Friday, 13 January 2017

The waiting hostel

Munich, 25.12.16

Its Christmas day. In the hostel it doesn't feel very Christmasy. Business as usual. People coming and going, doors opening and closing, metal hitting metal, whispers, alarms, snoozing, alarms, snoozing, alarms, snoozing.

When I arrived 2 nights ago there seemed to be members of the same family on the beds around me. A mother, a daughter and a son. Are they long term residents of the hostel? Are they here to try and get jobs, asylum, help!? Like the people who stayed with me during the summer. Or the Pakistani guy I met in Uppsala. People are known to live in hostels for extended periods. Looking for jobs, housing, help.

The family is gone. I don't know where. Back home? Another country? No help here?

Hostels are places of transition. People coming and going. But are they also places of waiting? I am waiting for my train. There are others too. Luggages in the common area. People looking in their phones and laptops. The cleaner moving around with the vacuum cleaner. Buzzz. The family that I think waited for something. The family in my room. The family that left. There are others too. The Pakistani guy in Uppsala. You see on hostel forums people complaining about long term residents. Those who are waiting. For jobs, for homes, for help?

A hostel in Ljubljana 

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