Tuesday, 1 May 2012

God's Plans

A kid will never know, how his father was.
A wife will never know what plans her husband had for her.
The promises made to a father will remain unfulfilled.
A mother's cooking will no longer be praised by her son.

What has he left behind.
a few pictures on facebook, a profile on orkut.
No pictures will be added to that album, no one will update that profile.
There will be no new tweets from him.

But that's not it. He has also created a page in our hearts. We will keep updating it with his thoughts.

People were wondering how it happened, different theories were coming up. I only wished we could know the truth. Only he could tell us the real truth. I wished he could come back and tell us.......

We all have wishes.....

God has his own wishes...he has his own plans....he has his own designs.....

Wish life was like daily soaps......but......


This is translated from an earlier post I worte in March 2011 remembering a friend. Life has repeated a similer story, in a different year, on a different continent....