Wednesday, 1 January 2014

its a wrap

As it is time to wrap another year, it might be a good plan (at least for me) take a look at the year gone by. Actually the year has already been wrapped. I wanted to post this last night but sorting photographs always takes a lot of time. I have tried to choose one or two moments that defined the particular months to string the year together. Anyway, here it goes:

The new year was ringed-in in the usual fashion - by sleeping through it. That is the tradition I follow every year. Although, there was something different this year. After several years I was welcoming the new year with my parents in my home town. That of course made everything more exciting.


In January I was on fieldwork and visited this very old (pre independence) house. Its roof was built on a mesh of bamboo sticks which have never been replaced and repaired. In the photograph we can see the windows just near the roof. I was told that this is a good way to distinguish old houses from the new. People preferred high windows in the old days to keep their female family members 'safe' and also for privacy. The windows were operated by two long ropes by pulling one to open and the other to close. Of course in the new houses people build the windows at a much lower level.